Featured Photographer – Tarek Baradie

Tarek baradie

Commercial Photographer


Tarek Baradie is a Toronto based advertising photographer.

His photography is widely recognized within top hotel & resort businesses with its quality and distinctive setups that help market hotel & resort businesses worldwide. Tarek is also known for his refined style in interior design and setups. His love for decor and art, coupled with his vast experience with lighting, have empowered his talents toward creating great images for top interior designers and furniture manufacturers. His love for food has made a great food photographer out of him. He shoots food for menus and packaging. Tarek shoots still-life. His creative talent visualises and brings out the beauty in the products he shoots
Tarek Baradie commenced his photography as a hobby at the age of 9. He developed and printed his first black & white film by himself. He is a self-taught photographer who has worked his way through large and medium format film cameras working in black & white and transparencies. Tarek currently works with latest digital technology cameras and is truly creative with his lighting. He is experience photo editing complements his work in photography and set him several steps ahead in advertising.

He established two photography and advertising companies with teams of photographers, graphic designers and administrators.

Tarek holds photography workshops of all levels for interested groups and individuals and walk them through various photography tips and techniques that he mastered through the years.

He also trained photographers to reach commercial levels and are now competing in various photography businesses.

His love for photography is immense. His love for people is great. The friendly atmosphere that he naturally creates makes for his ever returning clients and loving team.

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